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Wolf Moon

January Full Wolf Moon

Full Moon

When the whole moon is illuminated from Earth’s perspective and the Earth is positioned between the Sun and Moon. Since the January Wolf Full Moon is the first full moon of the year, it should have enhanced energetic effects.

The Full Moon is a time to celebrate and feel the flow of energy. This Full Moon is taking place in solar Aquarius season (1st day) and lunar Leo which are both about freedom and autonomy and so these themes will be a focus and be dug out within each of us and explored. This is a call for balance given the opposing and yet similar energies of Leo (inner child) and Aquarius (inner rebel and collective consciousness).Reflect on what you have accomplished and celebrate your success and let go of that which no longer serves you to make room for new growth.


The moon appears bigger and brighter during a Supermoon given that its come closer to earth in its elliptical orbit. Energetically this means the moons effects will be bigger and brighter too! The closer the moon is to Earth, the more influence it has no only on our oceans tides but on us and our emotional landscape.

Total Lunar Eclipse “Blood Moon”

Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse that occurs during a super moon and therefore gets a red tinge in coloring as seen from Earth because of the shadowing caused by the lunar eclipse.

Eclipses are all about shadow work and diving deep into the depths of our shadows and exposing them. Through this exploration, we can heighten our inner understanding and intuition. This is a time of great change, similar to the tower card in tarot and it pushes us towards the path we are meant to be on. Eclipses are about bringing to the surface radical shifts and ground breaking transformations. Lunar Leos strength will help you through these shifts with courage.

The solar Aquarius and lunar Leo in which this eclipse is taking place i during the opposing and yet similar energies of two strong-willed signs whos cores are all about freedom, expression, and authenticity. How can you work with and embody these energies this full moon?

Wolf Symbolism

The Wolf Moon is a Native American and Indigenous name for Januarys Full moon because they noticed that wolves are more vocal during this time of year.

Wolves are Nocturnal + Vocal

The wolf is a nocturnal creature who is more vocal during january given it leads up to breeding season in febuary where they not only communicate with enemies and packs but crossing those boarders with other wolves and so the chorus of wolves can last up to a couple of minutes

They howl in the direction of the moon for better acoustics – because projectig howl upwards projects their voices further (which helps as they lead up to breeding season as well to try and find mates)

We can soak in the wolf energy this moth by being more vocal in winter months about our boundaries and what we need since we are so exposed and raw and bare during this time.

rojecting our voices towards our subconscious inner landscape projects them further when we speak from our wild voice, our own truth.

Wolfs are ritualistic

We need to embrace ritual during this month and time of year and we can do this by honoring the natural rituals of earth one of which is the moon and her cycles and so by honoring the moon and following in her cycles we can find ritual in ourselves and the earth.

Wolves are social + connected

Connection is important for the wolf just as it is important for us as a species to thrive. Connection with our “pack” our families and other people. However, this is also a time to turn inward and so we do not have to focus on connecting with others as much as we do with ourselves and if you are a woman who bleeds you can use this time to connect with the power of your blood and connect with the internal workings of your body. you can take it a step further and add ritual by practicing blood magic or tracking your cycle in correspondence with the moon. Wolves are meat eaters thirsty for blood, tune into the blood thirst of the wolf by connecting with the power of your own blood and what it represents. Instead of digesting blood (although if you eat meat you do this as well), we release it – what does the release of blood offer and how does it bring you power the way eating blood from other animals strengthens the wolf?

Wolves are warriors

Recognize the hard work of surviving in harsh temperatures (and harsh culture) as the wolves endure but also recognize they are born with their bodies covered in fur as an extra layer of protection that we are not. What do you need to add as a source of protection in your life or routine during these gruesome winter months in order to be able to fulfill the hard work necessary of thriving and surviving the storm?

Wolves follow hierarchal structures

How do hierarchal structures play a role in your life? They are important for wolves as this is how they live in harmony and communicate with one another through their roles with eachother such as alpha and beta. What parts within you are alpha or beta, what personality type do you have and where does your power lie within this?

Wolves are independent

Independence and freedom – these two characteristics are necessities for the wolf and for all of us – what type of freedom do you crave and how do you support these cravings? Where in life do you feel trapped?

Wolves recognize the sacred

Wolves mark off certain territory as sacred. Follow in the footsteps of the wolf, what parts in your home or in your life can you mark off as sacred, what does sacred mean to you?

Spirit Animal

Wolves are guardians and while their lessons are not always easy to swallow they are necessary – the connection between the wolf and winter is loyalty – just as the earth is loyal even through the winter storms and rise again so too is the wolf loyal in those he pledges his allegience to.

Wolves represent creation, death and rebirth from various tribes of North America, where they are respected, as well as acting as a teacher animal. They teach us about loyalty and the fine line between independence and connection. Wolves retreat to mountains to get away from humans and therefore we associate them with the connection of spirit. As opposed to being revered in North America, the Wolf is a symbol of death and destruction, and even chaos in Western Europe and is greatly feared.

The wolf trusts their own instincts. and community. They have a strong appetite for freedom and have a keen awareness of the importance of social connections with sharp intelligence. They live powerfully through their devouring instinct and as a result they unleash their authentic self and true expression.

High Vibrational Energy of January

The month of January 2019 is a high vibrational energetic time with lots of ingredients brewing in this cauldron of the world. It is a potent time for magick, journeying and self-exploration. It is a time for you to rock the foundations of what you believe, to expand beyond comfort and to grow into a more authentic version of yourself and use your voice for the collective. What’s been brewing energetically this month?

Shifting from Capricorn into Aquarius season

This is all about shifting from precision, hard work, balance and climbing to new heights into individuality, freedom and using the work of Capricorn towards the higher good of the collective (and not being afraif to unleash your inner rebel)

Overall, this is a change making event, one that is all about our inner truth and exposing it through our creativity and courage for the collective and using our inner child and rebel for the highest good of ourselves and our plant and shaking up the foundation of those things we need to release to get back on the path we are meant to be on.

Women’s March

This annual event took place just one day before the full moon and it is a movement in support of the #metoo movement where millions of womxn and allies come together in solidarity to use their voice for womxns rights and to speak their truth in the face of adversity. To stand up for all womxn, espeially womxn from marginalized communities such as WOC, trans womxn, womxn with disabilities and more, who have added layers that create a wider gap in equality.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is the day after (or day of depending on where you are in the world) the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon which celebrates his birthday (January 15th) and his achievements in his life within the social rights/activism movement, most notably in his efforts to end racial segregation.

All of the events listed above + so much more are ingredients that are brewing together energetically and are creating one powerful stew of potent magick which is harnessing the traits of power, courage, change, transformation, authenticity, social justice and inner change for the collective good. How can you utilize the surrounding potent energies of this month to create magick, ritual and ceremony in your life?

Allow this energy to teach you the power of your own voice, of listening to its wisdom and guidance for she is wild and knows the way to freedom as long as you have the courage to follow her. Don’t allow others voice to drown out your own truth.

“Dear Body, I owe you an apology for every voice I’ve ranked above your own.”

Annalise Combs

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