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Freedom is a multi-media artist and spirit-weaver channeling the messages that exist both behind the veil and within the heart through the exploration of the wild voice of self-expression.

Through poetry and visual storytelling with an emphasis on the marriage of prose and photography, she gives birth to stories and archetypes that are built on and rooted within being womxn, being warrior, being wild, being spirit, being love, being chaos, and being human through the lenses of mental health, womxnhood, and spirituality. 

Freedom offers sessions to guide you through change and help nurse you through your own healing journey. By studying and working with archetypes, symbolism, and spirit, we explore a variety of holistic arts to help you deepen your connection to yourself and the environment in which you exist. Guiding you through the landscape of your environment both tangibly and your spiritual atmospheric body, we work with energetic arts to equip you with the tools you need on your journey to heal yourself. I guide you with personalized support based on your needs to unleash your most authentic wild voice.

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