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Shadow, Color + Light Work

The light never lies…but the light can blind us from the truth, exploding if left unattended. There is such a thing as too much light. We are beings of light, meant to be balanced by the dark which is why we grow in the darkness of womb and are tested and challenged day by day in this human experience to FEEL darkness through pain, loss, anxiety, resistance, joy, longing, passion etc…Essentially every emotion that is not love, is rooted darkness. Darkness is beautiful. It is the shadow of us. It is what is hidden. Darkness is that which the light is not strong enough to not touch, that which exists opposite and yet in perfect harmony with light.

*Parts of this post and writings were taken from a journal entry written on Tuesday June 5th, 2018 with the journal prompt “the light never lies” from Danielle LaPortes Desire Map Planner. The rest of this entry was inspired by what was written and added on as a continuation and flow of thoughts derived from my original journal entry.

Color is light. Color is different forms of light that we can see and perceive expressed in unique shades and forms. Color provokes emotion. It ignites a spectrum of feeling as vast as the stars. Colorwork involves exploring the spectrum of emotions that we feel on a daily basis. Tuning into how emotions and thoughts are connected and how each one influences the other.

  • What thoughts provoke certain emotions?
  • Do you feel you experience emotions first?
  • If so, what thoughts come from the emotions you experience?

I believe that when emotions come into our space first it is because we are not aware of our thoughts either because we are intuiting a situation and therefore are aware beyond the level of thought process (it happens too quickly to notice right away) or that we are just not aware of our thought processes. We all fall into this trap of not being aware. Whether or not this is a consistent pattern for you separates us into our typical flow. This is why reflection is so important. Many times, we feel things without realizing or understanding the mechanisms of what is going on behind the curtain of our mind or what these feelings mean or are trying to tell us.

Darkness is the absence of light. And in the absence of emotion, we are still, at one with our true self, at peace and flowing with love. Shadow is darkness but darkness is not shadow. Shadows are only created when something is blocking the light. Therefore, shadow is when we are resisting our emotions. When we are blocking our true feelings to reach a state of love, peace, and acceptance. Shadow work is diving deep into what is blocking you from experiencing love. What emotions have you buried as opposed to planted? What harmful thought patterns or emotions have become a part of your routine that is sabotaging your personal growth? Shadow work is working through those barriers that block both the light and the darkness. It is exploring the grey areas of confusion and chaos and letting go, releasing all of these things that keep us chained.

Light the culmination of color. Light is the blending of emotions for them to be in perfect harmony that they no longer have any control over you. Light is acceptance and the successful practice of embracing that which blinds you, that which nourishes you and that which burns you. Light work is done to integrate both shadow and color work. Light work is that crucial state of blending to create balance and harmony. Light work is exploring this blending process and embracing everything.

Shadow, color, and light – we need all to engage in this human experience even if we do not have sight. These are not only visual. Shadow can be explored, color can be felt, and light can be called upon.

Below you can see a process that I created which builds a foundation and explores ourselves and inner landscape more deeply once rooted. We are each a garden, we start with shadow work as we are planted in darkness, move to color as we explore the new experience of emotion and the world around us and end with light and the energy derived from the sun. You are a flower. You must be nurtured, watered and tended to not only by others and the environment but by yourself through self exploration and transformational work.

Shadow Work – Exploring that which holds us back, controls and distorts our perceptions and letting go.

This level digs deep into traumas, pain, perception and that which gets in our way from expressing our true selves. This is all about awareness and feeling and breaking up those heavy blocks that we carry around and are no longer needed.

Color Work – Exploring the spectrum of emotions, being able to identify and be aware of both thought patterns and feelings.

This level is a journey to all aspects of ourselves, increasing our awareness not only in feeling but in thought and action surrounding the joyous, the trauma and everything in between. We embrace color theory to explore all aspects of life and self.

Light Work – Exploring acceptance and embracing all aspects of life and self. The integration of the previous two levels of shadow and color work to create balance and harmony within oneself.

At this level, we are able to use our inner transformation to have the greatest impact on our outer life through integration.


What are your thoughts on shadow, color, and light work? Which level are you currently focusing on or feel you need to be focusing on?

While I think we are all continuously working on all three levels and that they are all equally important, I do believe that at any given moment, one of them is dominant and demands our attention more than the others. For example, if you recently experienced a trauma or crisis or even something you consider minor but is having a more intense impact on you then you need to be exploring shadow work more deeply to be honoring yourself. If you are more in a place where you are constantly busy and put your passions to the side perhaps you need to be engaging in color work. Perhaps you are in a very stable place but feel stale or you want a more accelerated rate of inner development or have the residue of trauma stained into parts of yourself that bleed into life every once in a while. While it isn’t major in the sense that it impacts your day to day life it is something you have noticed. If any of these is the case, perhaps you are in need of some light work. The above list is not an exhaustive list of when or how to use each of these aspects of work rather they are just ideas and sparks of inspiration. Use your intuition, listen to what calls to you. The best way to do this is notice what colors (or lack thereof) you are attracted to. This will lead you to where you need to be.

If you would like to learn more about my process (which was created intuitively to honor my needs); shadow, color and light work, comment below on what topics you would be interested in learning about in more depth and I will put together a new post with more information. 

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